Three Ways to Enjoy Cannabis... One Piece! Grav Labs On Sale

GRAV makes some pretty great pieces, and we just discounted our 3-in-1 Chiller from $100 to $60! GRAV was established in 2004 in Austin, Texas, where they make highly functional (and beautiful!) bubblers, hand pipes, and water pipes. They’re known for their expertly-crafted, ingenuitively-designed pieces. Plus, they work with local glass artists, too, highlighting the best of Austin!

GRAV uses the finest borosilicate, a type of glass with a high silica content that’s heat-tolerant and chemically inert.  These qualities make borosilicate perfect for pipes, as it can withstand and disperse heat from a lighter or torch and doesn’t pollute smoke in any way. Some of their components, namely their nails and bangers, are made from quartz. 

3-in-1 Chiller Piece Ganja Goddess

Here it is in all its glory — three pieces in one! Take a dab or fill it up with the finest herb, you really can’t go wrong.

3-in-1 Chiller Piece Bowl Ganja Goddess

Feeling like enjoying a bowl of flower? Just attach the larger bowl and toke away to your heart’s content. Fill it with water to cool off the hit!

3-in-1 Chiller Piece Ganja Goddess

A smaller bowl for those one-hitter kind of days!

3-in-1 Chiller Piece Ganja Goddess

Use it to dab by attaching a nectar collector tip! There’s really not much this thing can’t do. And the red stuff? That’s not just some festive little addition, it’s red glycerin, which you can chill in your freezer for an extremely cool, soothing hit!

Stop by Ganja Goddess and pick up this 3-in-1 Chiller for $40 off, while supplies last!

Say Hello to Heylo! Visiting Ganja Goddess In-Store Today!

Heylo is a Seattle and Ganja Goddess favorite! They’ll be visiting us today, 11/30, from 3-6pm to engrave PAX Eras, plus, all Heylo products will be 10% off!

For those new to Heylo, let us introduce you! Heylo is an i502 cannabis extracts processor located in SODO, Seattle, Washington. They’re built on a mission of creating greater education and transparency in cannabis extraction. They sell cannabis CCELL™ and PAX™ Pod vape cartridges and medically-oriented topicals in i502 retail stores across Washington state — like Ganja Goddess — and, to make things even cooler, Heylo is 100% women-owned!

Heylo is unique in other ways, too. All oil from their lab starts with the highest-quality bud in Washington state — no trim or sugar leaf here! They go to great lengths to preserve the plant's native terpenes and rare cannabinoids to offer a profile as close to the plant as possible. Heylo was founded by a chemist with a background in medicine.

Heylo offers many different strains and ratios for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. From Remedy CBD — at 56% CBD — to Blue Dream CBD — at 39% CBD and 29% THC — you can enjoy both high-CBD and more balanced ratios, too. Those looking for a more THC-rich option will enjoy Dutch Treat (53% THC) or Grand Hindu Sour (57%).

Try Humble Warrior for a blissful, calming, and peaceful high at 65% THC, or enjoy a Ganja Goddess favorite: Where’s My Bike? This blend is an incredibly unique CBG+THCV strain for enhancing creativity and overall bliss! Learn more about this popular strain here.

Come on by today from 3-6 to get your PAX Era engraved and pick up some Heylo products!

Celebrate Danksgiving with Ganja Goddess

Celebrate Danksgiving with Ganja Goddess

Thanksgiving may elicit many feelings: for some, it’s a time well-spent with family or close friends with good food, good drinks, and the expression of gratitude.

But for others, it ends up being the opposite. Holidays mean stressful and busy travel schedules and trying to keep the peace with family. Sometimes, it’s good to enlist the help of friends.

Enjoy the Newest Additions to Our Flower Family!

Northwest Grown is the newest addition to our flower stock here at Ganja Goddess.

Northwest Grown is a fully permitted and licensed state-of-the-art facility that was created from the ground up to provide perfect conditions for growing some of the finest cannabis on the market. They started by sourcing the highest quality genetics from all over the world and then brought those genetics to their passionate team.

Northwest Grown’s top talent team is lead by a seasoned greenhouse tradesman with a degree in Horticulture and a third generation grower from the Emerald Triangle. All of their girls are lovingly nurtured indoors in a completely controlled environment where humidity, temperature, air movement, lighting and organic nutrients are consistently monitored and micro-adjusted to provide an exceptionally consistent and high-quality product. 

Available in both indica and sativa, so you can medicate with solid day time and night time options!

Northwest Grown Indica Middle Fork Ganja Goddess

Middle Fork has bold and juicy grape and blueberry flavors. This indica-leaning hybrid is a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Dutch Treat, and is named after a fork at the convergence of two rivers in Western Washington state where it’s bred. Middle Fork delivers a balanced, satisfying and enduring high, sure to please!

Northwest Grown Super Lemon Haze Ganja Goddess Seattle

Super Lemon Haze quickly became a highly recognizable and beloved Sativa strain. A 3-way cross of Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5, the genetics of this strain combine sweet with tart, featuring a lemony aroma and taste, thanks to one of the main terpenes, Limonene. Super Lemon Haze elicits a mellow high that begins in the body but quickly flows to the mind. Energetic and social, this hybrid can be great daytime medication for eliminating fatigue, anxiety and stress. The mood elevating properties of Super Lemon Haze may also help regulate mood disorders, such as chronic depression, PTSD and/or anxiety. This strain may help patients dealing with minor pains, nausea and appetite loss. It may also help patients over come ADD/ADHD and migraines.

So come on in to Ganja Goddess and try out some Northwest Grown flower while supplies last!

Use the Cannabus Shuttle for a Free Ride to Ganja Goddess

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.54.01 PM.png

Ditch your car and get a ride with the Cannabus Shuttle from the SoDo Light Rail Station! Whether you’re an out-of-towner visiting for the first time or a Seattle-native, make use of the shuttle to get you to and from our shop in SoDo, all for free.

Heylo Cannabis at Ganja Goddess Seattle

The Cannabus Shuttle also picks up from hotels and locations around downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square, Industrial District, West Seattle, and Alki.

The Cannabus Shuttle is available Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 11am-7pm. Interested? To schedule a ride to visit us here at Ganja Goddess, simply text the shuttle at 206-476-4922. Visit Seattle’s Top Pot Shop and explore a huge selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

We can’t wait to see you!

New Indica and Sativa In Stock!

Monday’s can be rough, which is why we’re letting you in on some good news: we just got a delicious new Indica in stock, plus we’ve re-stocked a customer favorite, Panamango!

Panamango is one of our best-selling sativas (90/10), thanks to it’s energizing, cerebral high and sweet mango aroma. Pick some up for $10 a gram, $32 for 3.5g, $61 for 7g, $119 for 14g, and $236 for 28g.

Bubble Bud Coastal Cannabis Ganja Goddess Seattle

Our newest addition to the indica family here at Ganja Goddess is Coastal Cannabis’ Bubble Bud. This strain is a cross between Super Bud and Bubble Gum, and is an indica-dominant hybrid at 60/40. This strain features a sweet bubble gum aroma with earthy and fruity notes.

Coastal Cannabis Bubble Bud Ganja Goddess

As with most indicas, you can expect heavy relaxation coupled with a heady euphoria. Great for people who suffer from chronic pain, underlying chronic stress and anxiety!

Coastal Cannabis is a licensed I-502 producer / processor based out of Seattle, Washington that was established in 2014 by a group of like-minded folks from the Pacific Northwest. CC aims to produce the highest quality cannabis products available on the market, and believes that cannabis is not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle.

We hope to see you at Ganja Goddess soon! Get some of these strains while they’re available.

Potent, Effective RSO In Stock!

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is an extremely beneficial and effective medicine for many. Just a few of the possible benefits of this concentrate include pain relief, inflammation reduction, stress and anxiety relief, and nausea reduction (especially helpful to those undergoing chemotherapy!)

We have a great selection of RSO from our friends at Lazy Bee Gardens and Craft Elixirs. The best RSO starts with great flower, and both Lazy Bee and Craft Elixirs are no stranger to the most premium, high-quality herb grown with intention and love.

Lazy Bee Gardens Rick Simpson Oil RSO

Lazy Bee Gardens produces award-winning cannabis in Washington’s stunning Methow Valley. Ample sunshine, clean water and naturally mineral-rich soil allows their team of experienced growers to cultivate a line of hearty, fragrant and intensely psychoactive cannabis. With more than twenty carefully selected varietals in production, customers will find an LB strain to suit their needs.

Their passion for exceptional cannabis is rivaled only by a commitment to sustainable, outdoor farming practices; which are beneficial to the planet and healthier for consumers. Lazy Bee’s environmental footprint is amongst the smallest in the industry, as their amended permaculture beds require no processed fertilizers, nutrient lines or chemical pesticides whatsoever, and surprisingly little water.  Lazy Bee’s approach proves that remarkable marijuana can be grown under the sun, in the fresh air and rustic territory of the North Cascades.

Their RSO is some of the best! Stop by Ganja Goddess to pick some up.

Craft Elixirs RSO Rick Simpson Oil

Another super high-quality product on our shelves is Craft Elixirs RSO.

Craft Elixirs’ alcohol extraction method starts with using 100% pure plant-based organic sugar cane alcohol. This ensures a vegan, non-GMO, gluten & allergen free Cannabis extract that has no impurities or additives. Pure Oils and Concentrates can be used alone but are also great boosters to joints and bowls if you're looking for an extra oomph.

The effect of using their oils are multi-dimensional and equivalent to a full-plant high; a high that differs from from BHO or CO2 oils.

Their FECO's (full extract cannabis oils) are natural and provide an efficient way to deliver all the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes. (*RSO in some cases is called FECO)
Essentially, the high or effect from Craft Elixirs’ oils is very potent and stable.

Medicate with the ease in knowing the pride that CE takes in making their products. All of their oil concentrates are vegan, non-GMO, gluten & allergen free. They never use unnatural additives or impurities, ensuring the best experience for your mind, body and soul.

Stop by Ganja Goddess and try out these amazing, potent remedies today!

New Topicals In Stock!

As information and education spreads on the many benefits of cannabis topicals, we have more and more demand for them here at Ganja Goddess.

We’re happy to have two new topicals in stock! Flow Cream by Fairwinds, and Muscle Melt Gel by Green Revolution.

Ganja Goddess Cannabis Topicals

Fairwinds newest product, Flow CBD cream ($47), provides long-lasting, fast-acting deep relief, with 250 mg of CBD, 100 mg of THC, and 25 mg THC.

Flow is a complex formula consisting of 7 primary components; including an optimized blend of cannabis oil, essential oils and cannabis terpenes, herbal extracts, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and Fairwinds’ exclusive Canna Vera base. This 7-point system ensures that everything a premium topical should do, Flow does better. Applies and absorbs quickly with a refreshing, non-overpowering, aroma, supports skin structure and moisture with fortified ceramides and hyaluronic acid (naturally occuring in skin), delivers the active ingredients where you need them, and provides the deep and long lasting relief that you seek. Not all topicals are created equally - Feel the Flow difference!

Ganja Goddess Topicals Green Revolution

Green Revolution’s Muscle Melt Gel Infused Warming Lotion ($45) is a fast-acting infused warming lotion with 150mg THC + 150mg CBD in an easy-to-use, no-mess pump jar.

When rubbed onto the skin, the non-greasy, non-oily lotion quickly absorbs into the skin with a gentle warming sensation that will soothe your muscles and melt your worries away. Ingredients such as capsicum, aloe vera, arnica, wintergreen, and ginger are well-known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects which are especially helpful when it comes to soothing tired aching muscles.

With so many powerful and nutritive ingredients, Muscle Melt Gel is the hardest working topical for everyday athletes looking to ease sore muscles after exercising, managing chronic pain, and reducing inflammation.

Come treat yourself to some self-care with these topicals while supplies last!

New Ganesh Vapes for All the Seahawks Fans!

With Football season in full-swing, we’re excited to be carrying a very special new vaporizer in-store: the Ganesh Silver Lamp Kit, Seattle Seahawks edition!

Defying the possibilities of the average wax/oil vaporizer, the Silver Lamp Kit features the latest in technology. Its coil system features Dual Quartz rods wrapped in titanium alloy wiring, and set in a Quartz Bucket. The atomizer housing features an easy-to-use adjustable airflow system, that prevents clogging and allows you to get the perfect hit. Plus, the atomizer sleeve features an internal cap and screen that will reclaim products and prevent leakage!

The G-go battery is equipped with a smart chip that allows it to fire for 15 seconds and a session mode which will auto-fire the battery with 2 rapid clicks. A convenient micro USB charging port on the side allows you to vape while you charge, really, what more could you want?

So come on in to Ganja Goddess and support the Seahawks - all while vaping in style and ultimate convenience. In stores while supples last!

A Customer Favorite: Double Dutch is In Stock!

Double Dutch is a tried-and-true favorite here at Ganja Goddess. In short, they offer affordable, meticulously grown cannabis, and every time we run out, we get plenty of customers asking for more! We’re so happy to have them in-stock regularly now. Learn more about this popular brand below!


There are three essential elements to Double Dutch, first being the sun.

DD believes the most valuable resource you can give any plant - from tomatoes to petunias to cannabis - is the sun.  You’d be hard pressed to find any other plant grown solely indoors, yet cannabis largely still is. After decades of using the sun with bedding plants, they saw no reason to change.  When it comes to cannabis, it's obvious that sungrown is better for the environment – but more importantly, better for your wallet.


The second ingredient is soil.

If you’ve ever had a soil grown tomato vs. a hydroponically grown tomato, you know that the difference in flavor in undeniable.  Well, the same goes for cannabis, and that’s why Double Dutch grows using soil – but not just any soil - living organic soil.  In a natural setting, soil life and plants work together to mutually benefit one another.  At Double Dutch Farms, they’ve replicated this natural way of plant life and implemented it as a cornerstone of their growing methods. This method of mixing soil with all necessary nutrients puts the plant itself in control of it’s own nutrient uptake rather than our assumptions of its needs.  Renowned cannabis breeders and connoisseurs alike will agree that growing with a living organic soil is the only way to reveal the true genetic potential of any particular strain.  Best of all, this method allows them to minimize use of pesticides, giving you a clean, smooth smoke, every time.

Look at that beautiful flower! The last element? Their greenhouse!

Sun and soil are arguably the two most important components in cultivating cannabis, but only a proper structure will allow for indoor quality at outdoor prices.  Enter Double Dutch’s state-of-the-art greenhouse, or broeikas, as the Dutch say. Their one-acre glasshouse is equipped with fully automated environmental controls, including a hot water boiler for heating and wet wall cooling system for cooling.  Nine bays of rolling benches allow for unmatched accessibility and ease of transport across the greenhouse.  Automated blackout curtains simulate night and provide the perfect dark-light balance for flowering plants.  Supplemental HID lighting with alternating bulbs for a full light spectrum are used as needed during the darker months of the year.  Industry professionals will tell you that greenhouse cultivation is the future of cannabis, but at Double Dutch Farms, it’s the present.

Doesn’t all this sound enticing? That’s cause it IS! Stop by Ganja Goddess and give Double Dutch a try for yourself!

Cannabis and Skateboarding go together like...

Cannabis and Skateboarding go together like...

Ganja Goddess was recently name checked in Curbed for its convenient proximity to Marginal Way Skate Park! Check out Curbed’s full list of the greatest skateparks in Seattle.

New Microdose Edibles In Stock!

This week we have some new edibles in stock from Wave, perfect for those who have lower tolerances or just want relief without too much of a high. At 3.33 mg. a piece, or 10mg per box, you can enjoy one or all three of these tasty treats!

Wave Edibles is dedicated to creating fresh, hand-crafted sweets with intriguing flavor profiles. Their goal is to provide artisanal chocolates with proper, consistent dosing, quality testing (triple-tested!), and safe alternatives to smoking. What more could you want!

First on the list are their Koko Joe’s Truffles, with rich, creamy truffle chocolate on the inside, and white chocolate with toasted coconut on the outside. Dreamy!

For the chocolate peanut butter lovers, look no further than the Peanut Butter Bliss Truffle, hand-dipped with locally-sourced cream and butter. Divine!

But wait, there’s more! Wave’s Salty Toffee Crunch Truffle - a Pacific Northwest favorite! This chocolate truffle is dipped in smooth milk chocolate and covered in crispy toffee with a hint of sea salt. Perfection.

And last but of course not least, Wave Edibles Chocolate Sandwich Cookie: a take on America’s favorite cookie sandwich with an infused twist.

Come by and try the whole lineup while supplies last!