4/20 at Ganja Goddess

On Saturday 4/20, we are celebrating our favorite holiday with special offers on select concentrates, cones, edibles, and flowers! We’ll also be joined by the team from Herba, Information Retrieval, and Verdelux so you can enjoy extra discounts on their premium cannabis products.



Sweet As Sativa Pipe Bombs 4g- $70 (reg $90)

Sweet As Indica Pipe Bombs 4g- $70 (reg $90)

Mother Superior Cocoa Disposable Vape Pens 0.6g- $47 (reg $59)

WAM Oil Cartridges 1g- $32 (reg $45)



Burnwell 14g- $72 (reg $99) (Candy Jack, Animal Crackers, Grand Hindu)

Burnwell 28g- $140 (reg $195) (Blue Lights, Hindu Sour)

NW Connoisseurs CBD Rhubarb 3.5g- $30 (reg $38)

Seattle Bubble Works CBD Fresca 7g- $35 (reg $49)

AuricAg Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze 3.5g- $30 (reg $38)

seattle bubble works.jpg


Seattle Bubble Works Hash Infused Cone 0.5g - $4 (regular $6) (Lodi Dodi, Purple Majesty, Narnia)



Trip's Kitchen Bourbon Caramel 10mg- $3 (reg $5)

Trip's Kitchen 1:1 Chocolate Cherry Hash Bar 10mg- $3 (reg $5)

Trip's Kitchen 1:1 Golden Apricot Hash Bar 10mg- $3 (reg $5)

Oakor 1:1 Breath Slips 10mg- $2 (reg $3)


These deals are only valid on 4/20, and while supplies last.

Herba Ganja Goddess Seattle


Saturday, April 20, 2019 — 9am-11:45am

Herba Cannabis is an indoor producer in Skagit county that combines experience and drive to create a fantastic product. Their flower is consistently grown well which is evident in the rich flavors and soaring highs in each of their strains.

Information Retrieval Ganja Goddess Seattle

Information Retrieval

Saturday, April 20, 2019 — 12pm-2:45pm

Information Retrieval may sound like a technical company but they actually produce some pretty amazing bud at their indoor facility. Their flagship strain is the gorgeous Double Purple Doja which is such a deep purple it looks almost black at first glance.



Saturday, April 20, 2019 — 3pm-5:45pm

Verdelux has a wide array of edibles ranging from chocolates to hard candies available in many different flavors. Understanding that quality source material is key, Verdelux gets both their cannabis and ingredients from reputable brands that avoid pesticides.