Give your inner child a treat.

On Friday nights in late August, Woodland Park Zoo stays open late for, as they describe, “magical encounters with animals.” Burien is having a UFO festival with full regalia Saturday August 24th, or you might prefer The free Seattle Design Festival Block Party at Lake Union Park.

Don’t find yourself unprepared — be sure to come by Ganja Goddess to take advantage of our mid-summer discounts!

Mad Dabler Premium Bongware & Dabbing Glassware

Mad Dabler is a Premium Glass Gallery & glassblowing shop located in Tacoma, WA. Curious about the art of dabbing? Come in and chat with one of our budtenders - they’d be happy to share their dabbing expertise with you.


Small Beaker Bong - $45 regularly $75

Headbanger Large Bong - $60 regularly $110

Heady Hourglass Rig - $50 regularly $110

Mini Oil Barrel Bong - $45 regularly $75

Mini Heady Beaker Bong - $50 regularly $100

Headbanger Small Bong - $55 regularly $99

Mini Bong Nipple Perc - $25 regularly $55

Mini Beaker Bong - $45 regularly $75

Dab Tower - $35 regularly $65

Spoon Pipe - $8 regularly $12

Nectar Collector - $45 regularly $70

Feather Dabber - $18 regularly $30

Clear Replacement Bowl - $6 regularly $12


Select Lazy Bee 2pk Joints

Wifi OG | Albino Kush | Strawberry Diesel
Lazy Bee Gardens is a Clean Green Certified grower with a long list of sun-grown strain winners. These two-pack joint packages list out the detailed terpene levels. Cannabinoids range from 19% to 24%.

1.2g - $7 (regularly $9)


Select Northwest Grown Wax 1g

Pineapple Express | Rascal Berry | Middlefork
Northwest Grown, tucked away in the Cascade Mountains, sources the highest quality genetics from around the world. Their cannabis is grown in a fully-controlled indoor environment that produces a high-quality product.

$17 (regularly $30)

Select Moani Flower

From Leafly: “Grown locally in Arlington, WA, Moani is a collective of experienced indoor growers committed to producing only the absolute best natural products. From seed to harvest only natural production techniques, products and organic fertilizers are used.

Moani consistently represents the finest of Hawaiian traditions, respect for the land, the process and most of all, the finished product.”

Glookie - total 29.8%
- $8 (regularly $10)
3.5g - $26 (regularly $33)

AK-47 - total 24.4%
1g - $8 (regularly $10)

Sweet and Sour Widow - 16.9% THC/5.9% CBD
1g - $9 (regularly $11)
3.5g - $28 (regularly $36)


CannaSol Wax
Cherry Pez Livity 1g

CannaSol Farms sustainably farms their finely cured cannabis. Their sun-grown cannabis is sustained by water from their natural aquifer and is fed locally sourced organic nutrients.

From Leafly: “Cherry Pez Livity is known particularly for tasting just like the candy and the childlike fun this strain will induce. Terpene Profile: Citrus, Spice, Robust, Herbaceous, Earth.”

$17 (regularly $29)


These deals are valid through Sunday, August 25th. Can’t be combined with other ongoing specials. Some supplies are limited, so come by today!