Meet the Budtenders

The knowledgeable budtenders here at Ganja Goddess are what make this whole thing possible! Let them help you find the perfect product for you, and be sure to give them a warm hello next time you visit.

Budtender Brian Ganja Goddess Seattle


What’s your favorite cannabis at Ganja Goddess? “My favorite strain is anything from Saints! The care that they take with their product is obvious, especially in their pre-rolls. They use local artists to create unique packaging designs and people actually collect the empty boxes as art pieces! But the real art is in the smoke. Try their Mimosa strain if you can find it. It has an amazing fruity, citrusy flavor, with a happy and engaged high. Or if you like the indicas, try the Lavender for a deep body buzz. Saints’ Marmalade also kicks butt.  If you see a multi-strain pack from them, spend the extra few dollars and treat yourself!”

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What’s your favorite cannabis at Ganja Goddess? “I don’t know if I have a favorite cannabis product - it is hard to pick! I’m most excited about the various effects isolated cannabinoids can have on our body’s chemistry, and sharing that info with our community. As we continue shifting from prohibition to legalization, privately owned laboratories have flooded the market with their findings. By refining the oils of the plant, we’re learning more about the non-psychotropic treasures cannabis can offer. For example; CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, THCA and terpenes have been used successfully in alleviating a variety discomfort, without intoxication or withdrawal.

Much of these cannabinoids can be harvested through hemp. Recently, The United States has passed legislation to grow industrial hemp. This promises an abundant supply, without the high, affordably accessible over the next few years. However, this does not ensure a quality, effective product. Since this industry is growing so quickly, keeping up with shifting regulations and accountability has made transparency near impossible for the consumer.

We have the opportunity to set standards on a crop once legally denied to us. At Ganja Goddess, we believe it’s in our best interest to be mindful of the farms we source cannabis from. I encourage you to visit our store and ask questions about the continuous cannabis research being released. If your curious to try these isolated cannabinoids, wondering if they could play a beneficial role in your life, pay us a visit. Our staff will point you in the direction of clean, reputable companies. We will talk with you about dosing and, we can help you find the best quantity and quality for your budget.”


Brian S.

What’s your favorite cannabis? “One of my favorite strains is Skatelite from Fireline. I tend to smoke sativas, and this one definitely has that kind of uplifted buzzy nature of a true sativa. The flavor has a citrus and diesel note to it, which makes this bud a very good choice for those who look for a full experience of a good high paired with good flavor. I had to do some chores around the house one day and this was the perfect thing to smoke beforehand. Probably the most fun time I've had cleaning my bathroom.

Another favorite of mine is Alien Asshat from Sky High Gardens. I think it lives up to it's name with a more trippy, out-of-this-world experience. Almost feels like the drunk version of being high. The first few minutes after my first couple puffs always puts me in a silly/giggly sort of mood. Almost like a wine drunk mixed with a shot of espresso.”