Where to order marijuana online in Seattle: Ganja Goddess!



If you want to browse and preorder marijuana online in Seattle, look no further than Ganja Goddess! We just launched our online cannabis shop!

Simply browse our menu, find the products you want, and submit an order. We will have your cannabis ready at our Seattle shop for pickup! 

How to order cannabis online:

(1) Using the menu below, add items to your cart and submit a preorder online. (Legal limits still apply.)

(2) You will receive text confirmation that your order has been viewed by our fulfillment team. We will have your order ready within 30 minutes of confirmation.

(3) When you arrive at the store, notify the door person that you are picking up an online order. We will get your order and ring you up!

*** Please note: Preorders are only accepted during business hours, and must be picked up and paid for the day they are ordered (by 10:30PM on Monday - Saturday and 8:30PM on Sundays). You must be 21 or older and have a valid ID to enter Ganja Goddess and purchase your order. Orders cannot be changed at time of pickup.

Tara GreenComment