Thanksgiving Weekend Sale In Seattle


After you have enjoyed time with friends and family, stop by our Seattle shop for our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale Nov. 25th and the 26th! 

We'll have ten strains of 0.5 gram Sitka joints for only $3. We'll also have 40% off Xtracted's Clear One Disposable Vaporizers and 10% off 3.5 gram Cheese flower from Moani (soon to be released on Green Friday!).

Same day ordering on our website is available HERE. Items not picked up at the shop at the end of the day will be restocked.




True OG

Black Mountain

Blueberry Skunk

Forest Fire

Sour Twizzler

Super Lemon Haze

Tsi Fly

Death Star


We hope to see you this weekend when you stock up for a rainy day! 


Or your snag some Sitka joints for your next elevated adventure in Seattle!

Tara GreenComment