New Year In Seattle! New Weed In Seattle!

We are excited to welcome two new companies to the Ganja Goddess family! 



Errl's/Mantis Extracts

Errl's/Mantis Extracts produces incredibly smooth and flavorful extracts. They specialize in "terp sauce," meaning the final product is going to have a much more complex and interesting flavor profile than its lower quality counterparts. Don't be fooled by sometimes lower THC numbers on products such as these, the terpene profile in combination with the cannabinoids will give you a high like no other! 


Freddy's Fuego 

Freddy's Fuego is a well-established company, but new to our shelves, and we are thoroughly impressed by their incredible quality. They produce a more "true" sour diesel than we have seen from anyone in a long time! Their pre-rolls are also excellent, rolled from 100% flower with distinct, pungent flavors. 


The Black by Sky High! 

This brand new, much anticipated indica strain does not disappoint the most seasoned smokers. With a sweet, earthy flavor and a euphoric, relaxed high, this limited release strain is sure to fly off the shelves!

Welcome back Artizan!

The always popular Dutchberry is back with its classic fruity aroma and uplifting, feel-good high.

Tara GreenComment