New In Seattle at Ganja Goddess! Meet Experience Organics

We love trying out new products and strains and recently fell in love Experience Organics. We have really enjoyed the Gandalf strain that is now available in our shop! 

Meet Experience Organics Gandalf


The Gandalf strain is an indica prominent hybrid with a robust sweet berry terpene profile!

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The friendly staff!

The friendly staff!


EXPERIENCE ORGANICS is located in Benton County, the heart of wine and hop country and soon to be the mecca of commercial cannabis. Our mission is to be an industry leader of sustainable, organic, commercial cannabis cultivation; and our focus is to provide high quality, safe cannabis products at a competitive price, meeting the demands of local markets. EXO utilizes LED lighting technology throughout our facility as well as a cannabis specific environmental control system for efficiency and sustainability. We offer an extensive in-house genetic breeding program and will consistently introduce new genetics to the market, catering to the demands of consumers. With an emphasis on terpene profiles, we will be introducing various strain specific product lines, from extracted oils to medicinal topicals and tinctures. We look forward to sharing our craft product lines in the state of Washington. Cheers to your adventure experiencing organics!



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