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The Falcana Story

Bethany & Justin Rondeau started growing medical cannabis in 2009 after a doctor recommended that Bethany use cannabis to treat painful and at times debilitating cluster migraines. After years of traditional treatments had not helped, Bethany found a treatment in cannabis that worked for her. (And during the process of growing and selecting strains for Bethany's headaches, Justin determined that he enjoyed smoking a hand-rolled joint in the evening almost one million times more than having a beer or gin and tonic!)

Inspired by the results that Bethany had experienced with her cannabis treatments, and driven by a growing passion to help others experience relief for health problems - the Rondeaus made it their mission to develop medicinal cannabis products and treatments for the people who needed them.

The Rondeaus spent over 2 years learning about producing medicinal cannabis and how to grow it, while making personal connections that would provide them with some of the top cannabis strain genetics in the world. After becoming comfortable with the full-time farming of top-end cannabis strains, in November of 2012 Bethany & Justin opened a medicinal-use delivery service named Olympic Sensemilla that took medicine directly to the sick patients where they tailored treatments to specific needs.

In April of 2013 the Rondeau's opened their brick-and-mortar retail location with the same name located on HWY 101 between Sequim and Port Angeles WA. For more than 3 years Olympic Sinsemilla operated as a top-level medicinal cannabis dispensary and produced more than 95% of their products in-house through their own labor. Bethany & Justin's medicinal cannabis strains and products became famous on the Olympic Peninsula and they take great pride in having assisted in providing relief for many sick patients.

After the legalizaton of recreational cannabis in WA state, the Rondeaus continued to operate their medical grow and dispensary to their loyal patients until the day that all WA state medical dispensaries closed down in June of 2016.

Knowing beforehand that their medical clients could not continue receiving their medicine after the dispensary closed, Bethany and Justin acquired proper licensing and founded Falcanna in November of 2015 as the new brand for the same cannabis strains and products that they had supplied their clients with for years, and with the passing of WA state I-502 they are now providing Falcanna products recreationally to legal adults over 21 through their network of Falcanna Retail Partners.

While large scale recreational production was not the original plan for Bethany & Justin Rondeau, they chose to embrace the changes and have successfully scaled their smaller medical operation into a Tier III Producer License. They decided to decline offers for outside cash investment out of concern of scaling too quickly and compromising quality.

They've built a first class production facility from the ground up, and have carefully selected and trained the Falcanna Family - the best crew in recreational cannabis. From plant care and curing, to packaging and online services, here at Falcanna we strive to help each plant reach its genetic potential, and each bud to be cured to perfection so the consumer can have a reliable and consistent experience.


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