Get 10% off Your Pre-Orders!


Do you like saving money? Then we’ve got a solution for you! Get 10% off your entire order when you place a pre-order through Ganja Goddess.

It’s really simple, too! Just follow these steps:

  1. Submit a preorder using our online menu

  2. Receive a text confirmation that your order has been viewed by our fulfillment team. We will have your order ready within 30 minutes of confirmation.

  3. When you arrive at the store, notify the door person that you are picking up an online order. We will get your order and ring you up!

Sound easy enough? To make your life even better, we offer a free (!!) shuttle service to and from Ganja Goddess. The cherry on top? Our amazing selection of the best flower, concentrates, topicals, and edibles that Seattle has to offer! See you soon.