Nectar Craft Capsules to Chill Out for the Holidays

Looking for a discrete, potent, and fast-acting product to address holiday stress? Nectar has your back!

Nectar Craft Capsules are 100% plant-based, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and contain no additives or organic volatile impurities. These are amazing non-flower options for the consumer looking for discretion and effectiveness, enjoying with confidence that only the finest, safest ingredients are put into each product.

Nectar Craft Capsules are a high bio-available supplement. This means the capsule does not degrade within the body until it reaches small intestine, providing maximum absorption.

Customers love how quickly the experience begins, and how potent the effects are. That is partially because they enhance their capsule formulation with beneficial terpenes.

Nectar Craft Capsules Sativa Ganja Goddess

Sativa capsules! For $11, you can enjoy these 10mg capsules (or two!) to keep you energized yet calm all holiday season long.

Nectar Craft Indica Capsules Ganja Goddess

If you’re MO this week is to relax and enjoy a few solid naps, Nectar’s indica capsules may be a great option for you! Plus, it’s easy on your wallet, too. $11 for 100mg (10mg per capsule).

Nectar Craft Capsules Hybrid Ganja Goddess

Staying balanced can be difficult amidst holiday celebrations. Nectar’s hybrid capsules makes it doable! Just $11.

Nectar Craft Capsules 1:1 CBD Ganja Goddess

Speaking of balance, the 1:1 capsules provide even more of that! Keep more of a clear head while still experiencing mild euphoria and relaxation. 10mg of CBD, 10mg of THC in each capsule! $11.

Nectar Craft CBD Capsules Ganja Goddess

With limited-to-no psychoactive effects, you can keep a clear head around your family with the CBD+ capsules. At 20mg each, you can enjoy in the morning, afternoon, or as a night-cap before bed! $20.

Nectar Craft CBN Capsules Ganja Goddess Seattle

Struggle with insomnia? Several of our customers buy the CBN capsules just for that, and have had wonderful success! CBN, or cannabinol, is a sedative cannabinoid with mild, psychoactive effects. These CBN capsules are enriched with linalool, myrcene and beta caryophyllene to deliver the synergistic, relaxing effects associated with Indica strains. Unlike other sleep-related capsules on the market, Nectar Craft’s are uncut with non-cannabis essential oils–and they boast the highest concentration of CBN available in WA.

So stop by Ganja Goddess and pick up some Nectar capsules for an enjoyable, stress-free holiday season!

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