Cannabis and Chocolate, In Vape Form?!

CannaSol Farms Mother Superior Vape Ganja Goddess

Have you ever experienced a blissful feeling after satisfying a “chocolate craving?

Anandamide, known as the “bliss molecule,” is found in cocoa and explains the euphoric buzz we get from chocolate. It is also a natural endocannabinoid that binds to THC and cannabinoid receptors. Can you imagine combining divine chocolate and premium cannabis without sugar and calories? Imagine no more.

Introducing: Cannasol Farm's Mother Superior vape! This pen has cocoa terpenes and features Cannasol’s premium sungrown distillate for pure, natural bliss. And, it’s brand new to the Ganja Goddess family! Preorder now if want to make sure you can get your hands on your new favorite vape pen.

What’s Cannasol Farms’ process? It's simple: light deprivation + organic inputs + sunshine + craft curing are all ingredients that Cannasol implements for the best possible high.

CannaSol is their premium line that includes eight signature strains such as Alice in Wonderland, Double Lemon Cheesecake, Cashy's Honey (CBD 1:1) and Durban Poison to name a few, as well as four incredible rotating strains depending on harvest, new clones, etc. You can expect only the highest quality, hand-trimmed flower from the CannaSol brand.

Did we mention they’re eco-friendly, too? Cannasol reuses all of their boxes as an ongoing effort to maximize sustainability and lower their carbon footprint. They ask that you save your sample and delivery boxes, and they’ll happily pick them up next time they’re in your neighborhood. Support conscious companies and get on the pickup list!

Swing by and get your hands on this delightful, euphoria-inducing treat while supplies last!