420 Week: Vendor Days and 420 Sale!


420 is a great opportunity to celebrate cannabis and learning new ways to enjoy our favorite plant! We are hosting vendors at the shop Monday 16th through Friday 20th so that you can learn more about their products straight from the source - and on Friday 4/20 we're offering some great deals on some of our favorites from Rogue RavenSitkaFalcannaSeattle Bubble Works, and Sky High. Check out our full 420 Week schedule below.

April 16th at 3-6 pm

LeafWERX’s mission is to give customers the most consistent, repeatable quality from crop to crop.

DOSE Extracts
April 17th at 3-6 pm

The Dose Extract team has years of experience creating both Medical and Adult Use products.

Yield Farms/710 Pens
April 18th at 3-6 pm

Yield Farms was one of the first 25 licenses in WA, and produces high quality, clean, sun grown cannabis.

Salish Sativas
April 19th at 3-6 pm

Award winning Salish Sativas is one of Washington's premier producer-processors of all natural cannabis.

April 20th ALL DAY

Stop by the shop for deals on flowers, cartridges, and joints! Awesome vendors will be with us throughout the day:

Sky High at 8am
Smokiez at 11am
DogHouse at 3pm
Green Revolution at 6pm

Join us all week to learn about your favorite producers and growers!