Why do we celebrate 420 at Ganja Goddess?

Any excuse to celebrate cannabis and long road to legalization is a good one, but what is the real story behind 4/20 anyway?

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The details of origin are a bit hazy to say the least, but the most popular theory is that of a group of high schoolers who set out to find treasure: an abandoned cannabis crop near San Rafael, California. The Waldos - a name the young men coined for themselves - made a plan to meet on the grounds of their high school at precisely 4:20 in the afternoon. The search for this elusive crop spanned over a number of attempts, and eventually, 4:20 caught on as the time and secretive lingo for smoking weed.

This term was taken mainstream when Steven Hager of High Times declared that 4:20pm was the socially acceptable hour of the day to consume cannabis. Nowadays - particularly thanks to discrete vaporizers, perfectly dosed edibles, and CBD-rich products - cannabis is enjoyed more and more throughout the day. 

There are so many reasons to celebrate cannabis on 4/20! It continues to help so many with its array of medicinal benefits, and, for countless others, is simply enjoyed recreationally. So that you can learn more about enjoying our favorite plant, vendors will be joining us at the shop everyday Monday 4/16 through Friday 4/20. On Friday 4/20 we're also offering deals on some of our favorite products from Rogue Raven, Sitka, Falcanna, Seattle Bubble Works, and Sky High

We look forward to seeing you in store next week!