4/20 Sale!


Stop by the shop for 4/20! We're offering special deals on select flowers, prerolls, and edibles. We'll also host vendor reps from Sky High, Smokiez, DogHouse, and Green Revolution. 420 specials will not be available for preorder, and are in store only.

Here is everything we'll have on sale:



Diesel Thai, Orange Blossom, Dutch Haze

1g for $10

Lazy Bee

Wifi OG, Blue Hawaiian, Strawberry Diesel, and Dutch Treat

3.5g for $21

Sky High

Green Crack 

1g for $10 / 3.5g for $35 / 7g for $67 / 14g for $128 / 28g for $221

Three Trees

G-13, Pineapple Chunk, and Harlequin

14g for $99


Blue Dream and Dutchberry

1g for $10 / 3.5g for $35 / 7g for $69


Mirth Legal Sodas*

    Lemon Ginger (12.66mg) for $3

    Blackberry Lemonade (36.99mg) for $11

    Blackberry Lemonade (29.14mg) for $9

    Pomegranate (30.52mg) for $9

* Limit five per customer


Falcanna Cone Two Pack (1.2g)

Merlot, Golden Goat, and Cherry OG

20% Off

Lazy Bee Cones (1.2g)

Tangie and Bozeman Blue

$6 each

Sky High Cones (0.5g)

Alien Asshat, Frozen Tangerines, and Dutch Treat

25% Off

Artizen Cones (1g)

Dutchberry and Galatic Glue

25% Off

Seattle Pure Extract

FKO Infused Three Pack (1 Sativa, 1 Hybrid, 1 Indica)

Three for $20

4/20 Vendor Schedule

Sky High at 8am
Smokiez at 11am
DogHouse at 3pm
Green Revolution at 6pm