Flowers for Mother's Day

ganja goddess mothers day

Being a mom is one of the most under-recognized, under-appreciated jobs in the world. Ideally, we should be celebrating Mother’s Day year round, but we’ll take what we can get.

Many people talk about the stigma surrounding cannabis. There’s still plenty of stereotypes and ignorance being played out, and we’re collectively working to stamp them out. Thankfully, things are on the up-and-up, but one topic that’s still heavily-stigmatized? Moms who use cannabis, whether it’s in the form of medication to replace pills, as a tool to de-stress, or even simply recreationally.

While the stigma around this topic has led to many mom’s staying in the cannabis-closet, there are a handful of well-known and influential women who have come out and expressed their love for the plant. Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, Susan Sarandon, Melissa Etheridge, and Megan Fox are amongst some of the “cool moms” who are actively working to educate people about the medicinal, healing benefits of cannabis.

Other women, like Kaycee Bawdon, were even featured on the Today Show, hoping to help others understand that smoking weed makes her a better parent. As someone who struggles with migraines, Bawdon uses cannabis to help ease her pain and feel more alert and focused. She’s nixed prescription medications and now uses cannabis instead, and feels that this choice is a healthier and more natural alternative.

With many things in life, we believe it’s best to leave these types of decisions up to the person engaging in said activity. Of course, we’re all for mindful consumption, but cannabis is a deeply personal experience, and as such, we’ll leave the dosing up to the hard-working mothers who need a healthy way to relax and unwind.

With that being said, there’s still some time to treat your mom (or yourself!) this Mother’s Day, and by all means, get her something she can really enjoy! This weekend on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13, Ganja Goddess is offering a special a deal on Lemon OG Haze and Big Smooth from Salish Sativas while supplies last:

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