New In Stock: Heylo, Green Revolution, and Herba!

heylo pax era ganja goddess

Last Friday we helped Heylo launch their new PAX Era Pods! Heylo Pods are $53/0.5g, and PAX Pens are $33. Our staff love PAX vapor pens because they are high quality, and a half gram pod tends to last longer. PAX also has a app you can download to play stoner games - check out PAX's website for more info! It's pretty fun.

solace topical ganja goddess

We have an new amazing topical from Green Revolution called SOLACE in stock! This aloe vera based full-flower topical has full cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are faster acting and more effective than topicals containing only CBD. With 300mgs CBD/3mgs THC, each SOLACE is $48.

Herba Ganja Goddess Cannabis Bud

We also have new Hawaiian Dutch, Locktite and Afgoo from Herba, and they are only $10/1g and $35/3.5g!