Customer Favorite: Double Dutch

Double Dutch is a tried-and-true favorite here at Ganja Goddess. In short, they offer affordable, meticulously grown cannabis, and every time we run out, we get plenty of customers asking for more! We’re so happy to have them in-stock regularly now. Learn more about this popular brand below!


There are three essential elements to Double Dutch, first being the sun.

DD believes the most valuable resource you can give any plant - from tomatoes to petunias to cannabis - is the sun.  You’d be hard pressed to find any other plant grown solely indoors, yet cannabis largely still is. After decades of using the sun with bedding plants, they saw no reason to change.  When it comes to cannabis, it's obvious that sungrown is better for the environment – but more importantly, better for your wallet.


The second ingredient is soil.

If you’ve ever had a soil grown tomato vs. a hydroponically grown tomato, you know that the difference in flavor in undeniable.  Well, the same goes for cannabis, and that’s why Double Dutch grows using soil – but not just any soil - living organic soil.  In a natural setting, soil life and plants work together to mutually benefit one another.  At Double Dutch Farms, they’ve replicated this natural way of plant life and implemented it as a cornerstone of their growing methods. This method of mixing soil with all necessary nutrients puts the plant itself in control of it’s own nutrient uptake rather than our assumptions of its needs.  Renowned cannabis breeders and connoisseurs alike will agree that growing with a living organic soil is the only way to reveal the true genetic potential of any particular strain.  Best of all, this method allows them to minimize use of pesticides, giving you a clean, smooth smoke, every time.

Look at that beautiful flower! The last element? Their greenhouse!

Sun and soil are arguably the two most important components in cultivating cannabis, but only a proper structure will allow for indoor quality at outdoor prices.  Enter Double Dutch’s state-of-the-art greenhouse, or broeikas, as the Dutch say. Their one-acre glasshouse is equipped with fully automated environmental controls, including a hot water boiler for heating and wet wall cooling system for cooling.  Nine bays of rolling benches allow for unmatched accessibility and ease of transport across the greenhouse.  Automated blackout curtains simulate night and provide the perfect dark-light balance for flowering plants.  Supplemental HID lighting with alternating bulbs for a full light spectrum are used as needed during the darker months of the year.  Industry professionals will tell you that greenhouse cultivation is the future of cannabis, but at Double Dutch Farms, it’s the present.

Doesn’t all this sound enticing? That’s cause it IS! Stop by Ganja Goddess and give Double Dutch a try for yourself!

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