New Wildflower In Stock!

We've got some great products from Wildflower to keep you zen all weekend long.

First up, Wildflowers ACHES cartomizers for $48, featuring 300mg CBD (or 2mg per puff!). These carts will leave you feeling relaxed while addressing inflammation, aches, and pain throughout your body, all while keeping a clear head, too! This cartomizer is CBD only, meaning you can start (and end!) your day sans psychoactive effect. 

Also by Wildflower, their rechargeable vaporizer for $44. Their new product is designed to be ultra-compact and simple to use while minimizing environmental impact. The case fits one pen with cartomizer (cartridge) attached with space for an extra cartomizer for convenient storage of a backup or an additional blend. Both the pen battery and the charging case come with a USB charger, allowing up to 2 weeks of use on a full charge! 

Wildflower makes it easy to integrate wellness and self-care into your daily routine with just one or two hits! Enjoy a nice hike, deliver an on-point presentation, or just kick back with friends all while feeling at-ease.