Craft Elixirs' Delicious Cannabis Infused Syrups

We got in a super tasty new edible from Craft Elixirs: Loganberry, Ginger Grass, and Simple Syrup infused syrups, featuring 60mg THC per bottle!

Craft Elixirs Loganberry Cannabis Infused Syrup


A tribute to our owner's hometown of Chicago, Logan Blvd is a very seasonal and limited loganberry syrup that's only available one week out of the year. If you’re lucky enough to find a bottle, note they are a spectacular find - and even better tasting! Prep your pallet for a delicious cross between a blackberry and raspberry. This bottle features 60mg of THC, or 10mg per serving.

Try this syrup drizzled on ice cream, in a smoothie, or on top of waffles!

Craft Elixirs Ginger Grass Cannabis Syrup Ganja Goddess


Made with organic cane sugar, this spicy ginger syrup makes tea and ginger ale up the ante. We love fresh and organic Chinese ginger root - a flavor so unique that it has no match for what it offers. Enjoy the little kick of flavor that this syrup provides and use it as the perfect addition to a medicated Asian dish. 60mg of THC per bottle, 10mg per serving.

Craft Elixirs Cannabis Simple Syrup Ganja Goddess Seattle


If you’re looking to enjoy Craft Elixirs’ syrup in just about anything, their Simple Syrup may be a great option for you! Use it in cooking, smoothies, or to add sweetness with a kick to tea, coffee, or even oatmeal. 60mg THC per bottle, 10mg per serving.

Craft Elixirs Cannabis Syrup Ganja Goddess

Can’t decide on just one? Pick up the whole family of syrups — they’re only $15 each! Stop by Ganja Goddess and get some today.

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