Enjoy Some Award-Winning Flower

Aurum Farms Sunset Sherbert Ganja Goddess

Aurum Farms is officially in stock! An award-winning licensed Washington state grower, Aurum Farms is committed to producing the finest cannabis for the most discerning palate. Demand has grown for this brand over the years, a true testament to their ideals of care and craftsmanship. They utilize the best strains that produce the best experiences, and their flower is all indoor grown, 100% pesticide-free and hand-trimmed.

We have two strains in stock: Sunset Sherbert — an indica-leaning hybrid that may help melt stress and tension — and Gelato #33, a balanced hybrid for uplifting and energizing.

Try their Sunset Sherbert flower, 1g/$14, 3.5g/$42, 7g/$83, and 14g/$148, or enjoy one of their expertly rolled joints. Each pack features Gelato #33 and comes with two 0.5g pre-rolls for $10.

Stop in and try Aurum Farms while supplies last!

Aurum Farms Gelato #33 Pre Rolls Ganja Goddess