Higher Etiquette: Refined Cannabis Culture Tips

Green is the new black. With cannabis legalization sweeping the country--and even making it's way into high-end department stores--it's time to get with the program.

Many of us have been enjoying cannabis long before "posh pot" became a thing, but we still all know the guy who forgoes passing the bong to tell a seemingly never-ending story. For those people? Get them the gift of Higher Etiquette.

Written by the great grand daughter of Emily Post, Lizzie Post argues it's time for cannabis to move--in the public imagination--away from its surfer, "Cheech and Chong" image to something more refined and socially acceptable.

The pages are chalk-full of etiquette to start (or continue) embracing in your regular consumption rituals. For starters? Inviting 'Cannabis' into your vocabulary and benching the term 'Marijuana' once-and-for-all.

Here at Ganja Goddess, we embrace the lifestyle of the cannabis culture and applaud the normalcy of this great healer. We've stuck with our byline 'Taking Cannabis to a New High' because we've seen the promising future of cannabis since day one. We're so happy more people are getting rid of the worn out Reefer Madness stigma and integrating this plant into their everyday lives.


Emily KalweitComment