Store Your Cannabis with Care.


Some of us can go through 3.5 grams like it's nothing. And some of us know how to make a good thing last... a long time. But is "old" cannabis still effective? What's the shelf life of it, anyway?

With proper storage and care, flower can be good anywhere from six months to a year. Here at Goddess, we take every measure to make sure all product is in optimal environments, but once it's in your hands, how should you care for it to keep it fresh?

Humidity, temperature, light, and exposure to oxygen all play a role in your weed's shelf life. 

For storage, you'll want to try to keep humidity in the 55% to 62% RH (relative humidity) range. This keeps your bud from drying out or getting moldy. An easy solution? Boveda packs! These help to keep your flower in the perfect range for it to thrive.

What about temperature, light and oxygen exposure? With introduction to these elements, cannabinoids begin to break down and fungi and bacteria can start to form. It's best to keep cannabis away from direct sunlight and at room temperature, ideally around 65° F. Store your flower in an airtight container -- like an Infinity Jar -- and place in a dark space with steady temperatures.

Over time, THC naturally begin to break down and transform into CBN. In a study from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, researchers found that after a year, cannabis lost nearly 16% of THC, 26% THC after year two, and 34% on the third. While older cannabis won't get you as high, you will get to enjoy the anti-anxiety benefits that CBN provides.

And if you find yourself regularly having leftovers? Share the love!

Emily KalweitComment