Taking cannabis to a new high.

"The name Ganja Goddess brings to mind a beautiful woman sitting in a garden of Eden full of colorful Kush plants blessing you with her bountiful harvest of sensamilia.  Upon walking into the shop; “beautiful” is definitely one of the first words you’ll think of.  Being one of Seattle’s first recreational marijuana shops (open in Nov 2014) qualifies the goddess’s harvest as “bountiful” to say the least.  The staff of Ganja Goddess goal is to be a Pioneer in the Cannabis industry.  It’s great to see a group of people who genuinely care about the growth of the industry and customer experience above making a lot of money. And nestled in Seattle’s SODO district they have no shortage of competition.  But everyone who works there says the same thing.  They say that their competition isn’t competition but comrades.  Don’t get me wrong.  Ganja Goddess would love to have your money.  What they want more than your money is to give you incredible value, service, and product for that money."

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