New Burnwell Kief and AiroPro Cartridges in stock!

New AiroPro CO2 cartridges and Burnwell’s Dream Fog Kief are now in stock at Ganja Goddess!

At 50% THC, Burnwell’s Dream Fog kief is sure to please. It’s an easy and effective way to add potency to your preferred method of consumption. We suggest simply sprinkling some in your joints or on top of a bowl for added euphoria, particularly right before bed if you want to get to sleep. It has a great light floral flavor that carries you off to your dreams.

Burnwell is small batch cannabis grower that uses a proprietary indoor method enhanced by natural sunlight. The result is higher quality flower with less environmental impact, and they are known for promoting the greenest, most sustainable growing practices in the industry.

Pick some up some of Burnwell’s Dream Fog kief today for just $19/g.


Harmony Farms combining the industry’s most cutting edge technology with decades of grow knowledge and experience, Harmony Farms’ team has cultivators from all backgrounds, ranging from medical cannabis, organic vegetable farming, and cellular-biology. Harmony Farms remains conscientious of their environmental footprint, and strives for transparency when it comes to all nutrient and pesticide regulation.

Harmony Farms’ AiroPro cartridges are a popular item, but generally hard to come by at most dispensaries, so we’re very happy to be carrying them! Harmony Farms and AiroPro have come together to bring you the one of the finest vaporizer with the highest quality oils on the market. Designed specially for cannabis, the AiroPro cartridges use a ceramic atomizer, connect magnetically, and are color coded for easy ID. With a LED charge indicator, AiroPro is resistant to leaking and virtually indestructible. Every batch of oil has undergone clean extraction methods to ensure any impurities have been removed, which leaves you with a clean, smooth, and highly potent cannabis oil. At $45 each, enjoy a half gram of their Confidential Cheese (I), Original Glue (H), Sugar Plum (S), or Tangie (S)!

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