Legit Gold Pre-Rolls Are Here!

Legit Gold Infused Pre-Roll Joints Ganja Goddess

We’ve only had Legit Gold in stock for a short time, but these pre-rolls are already quickly gaining in popularity!

Legit Gold joints are as delicious as they are potent. Featuring trimmed, glass-cured flower grown at their world-class facility and infused with bubble hash and shatter, they’re everything a joint should be.

Legit Cannabis Co. created a lab-grade growing environment with every last detail taken into careful consideration. Their flower receives the best care from passionate cultivators and the end product is consistent, clean, and effective.

Their premium, small-batch cannabis is grown indoors using an organic nutrient line and no pesticides. It’s then aged to perfection, cured in glass jars until they’re as flavorful as they are powerful. Their bubble hash is made in-house by their team in a lab-grade environment using a solvent-less extraction method, testing in at 65% plus! To top it off, their infused pre-rolls are packaged in BPA-free, child-proof tubes.

Legit Gold pre-rolls ensure that each joint is as delicious and smooth as it is potent: strength without sacrifice! We currently carry Ice Cream Cake x Gelato, Guava Diesel, Dutch Poison, Purple Punch and CBD Hawking (42% THC/21% CBD), and each joint has 0.75g, at $13 a pre-roll. Come in to Ganja Goddess and try for yourself!

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