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With Profit Margins Thin, 502 Shops Pull Out the Stops to Pull In Customers

Tara Wells, founder of Ganja Goddess, Seattle’s first woman-owned pot shop, concurs: “I want everyone, the minute they walk in, to feel good,” she says. While her clientele is as diverse as the city, the shop does try to appeal to a feminine audience. Historically, “women haven’t been as comfortable going into cannabis places,” she says. “We’re trying to make it as comfortable, as beautiful, as possible.”

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Pot Shop of the Month (November): Ganja Goddess in Seattle’s Industrial District

High Above Seattle: She’s a beauty. Ganja Goddess opened for the first time earlier this month to little fanfare, but this little gem dazzles and sparkles in the sometimes drab Industrial District.

The first thing that caught our attention was the old world look of the interior, the exposed brick from a different time, the unrefined wooden wall in the back with a hand-painted cannabis leaf, the concrete floor, and those dangling chandeliers. This set the mood.


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