Ganja Goddess Is the Best Weed Shop In Seattle

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Don't take our word for it. Take a look at some of the customer reviews we pulled from our Google Business page to see what others are saying about Ganja Goddess.

Love this place. Always have the MOST selection on the planet. The people are super knowledgeable and it has the coolest vibe in town. I’ve tried every other place in town and I always come back to the Goddess. It gets busy in the late afternoon, but they still take the time to guide me to the newest stuff to try and I am never disappointed. The have more strains than I can ever hope to try, but I keep coming back to see if I can top the last hit...and I do. My girlfriend loves their edibles, they have a great selection there too. Thanks to this place for being so cool.
— Bern
What I LOVE about this place: you can actually SEE their product! I’ve been into many places where you have to look at a piece of paper that lists their products; and, the product they do have is on display 5 feet away. Come on? Seriously? Can’t even see it! I’ve never met a pot smoker that didn’t enjoy looking at a bud and appreciating it before smoking it! Lol Friendly, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable staff!
— Anna
I’m a chronic pain sufferer and recent transplant to WA from a state that has no marijuana legalization laws. The staff was helpful with finding me product that could help my specific needs in a delivery method I could actually take (I can’t smoke due to asthma). There are closer shops to me now, but I still go to them.
— Jane
Anthony (Ganja Goddess budtender) was beyond amazing! Top notch customer service with the best selection in Seattle. My boyfriend and I had been on the hunt all morning and finally found the right stuff with the best prices all thanks to Anthony.
— Alexandra
Ganja Goddess is the best. Hands down. A big part of me doesn’t want to write this review, because if you don’t know about it I don’t want you jamming up my spot. But this place is too good to keep secret.
— Sean
Best recreational store I’ve been to in the Seattle area over the Year and a Half I’ve lived here for. Very friendly and helpful staff, great customer service. Large selection. Security guards are friendly. Store has a very nice, unique kind of feel to it, great appearance and upkeep. Also, excellent prices and deals/specials. I mean any recreational store is going to be pricey with the State tax, however you can find some really good deals with these guys. Last week I walked in with only $20, not expecting to get more than a couple grams. I ended up getting hooked up with an 1/8th that was on sale at only $13, and still had a few bucks so bought a Pre-Wrap for only $6, so got almost 5 grams with only $20. Best deal I have EVER gotten at a recreational store. I hope these guys never change. Just started coming in a few weeks ago and am already a regular customer and can say this is my new go-to dispensary.
— Cory
Features one of the largest selections of cannabis to choose from in Seattle and the prices are very reasonable.
— Shado
I had a great experience here with knowledgeable staff and a fun atmosphere. The place was PACKED when I arrived, but I was helped promptly and all of my questions are answered succinctly, add to that, that best prices in town and you have a totally solid experience.
— Wren
What a wonderful store in Seattle. Fantastic variety and lots of edibles and concentrates available. Best thing to do is to check Leafly before you go to see what’s available. The store is a little bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, and the certainly have lots of sales going on as well. Also be sure to ask for a discount :) always recommended. And yes, it’s 21+.
— Max
I had a small problem with an electronic product and had to revisit the store multiple times in order to correct it. The staff went out of their way to ensure that I was satisfied. Very friendly store that treats people very well.
— Matt
I love this place! This is my new shop, for sure. Great product; good prices; wonderful staff (classy building too). Seeking a new pot shop? Look no further.
— Clark